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Anjuli Mehrotra, MD
Allergy shots (aka immunotherapy)
In hopes of "desensitizing" you, we inject you with increasing amounts of the allergens that you are allergic to. Generally, there are 1 to 2 shots each time, depending on what you are allergic to. There is no medication in the injections. They just contain the actual allergens you are allergic to. The shots are typically once or twice a week for about 6 months, followed by a "maintenance" period of once a month for 3 to 5 years. Studies have shown that a 3 to 5 year course of allergy shots is needed to maintain the effect of allergy shots, in many cases life-long.

1) This is a way to control allergy symptoms without medications. Many people can go off their allergy medications within 6 months of starting the shots.

2) We are controlling the allergies from within by teaching the body to tolerate increasing amounts of allergen without producing an immune response.

3) The results can be life-long if the protocol is completed.

4) Studies show that allergy shots decrease the incidence of new asthma in allergic people. Additionally, the shots can decrease the incidence of new environmental allergies forming.

5) Allergy shots also have the ability to control other diseases directly related to allergies, such as asthma and occasionally eczema (but not food allergy). Many people with an allergic basis to their asthma will be able to decrease their asthma medication with allergy shots.

1) It can be hard to fit allergy shots into your schedule.

2)Even though shot reactions are rare, they can occur. The most common reaction is a local redness or swelling, generally smaller than a quarter- size. Very rarely, a "systemic" or full body reaction may occur, which may involve an itchy rash on the body or trouble breathing/wheezing. You should wait in the office for 30 minutes after the shot just for precaution, so that we can promptly treat any reaction if it occurs.

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