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Anjuli Mehrotra, MD
• Stay indoors as much as possible. Pollen levels are highest on dry and windy days, late evenings and early mornings. You can check the local news or our website for pollen counts.

• Keep windows to your house (especially the bedroom) closed at all times during pollen season.

• Use air conditioning to re-circulate indoor air. You can also use an air purifier system, preferably with a HEPA filter.

• Keep the grass outside of the house short and minimize the number of trees/shrubs around the house, if possible. Mowing should be done by a non-allergic family member.

• When going outside, wear sunglasses to reduce eye irritation caused by pollen.

• It is best to shower, wash hair, and change into clean clothes after being outside.

• Keep windows closed when driving and use air conditioning instead.
Tips for reducing pollen exposure
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